You will feel welcome immediately as you come aboard The Beagle, enjoying a sense of space for kicking back and relaxing between your unforgettable visits ashore. The saloon offers a small library of Galapagos literature, and a selection of games.


All around the wide decks, comfortable seating allows you to choose sunshine or shade for lounging and observation. There are yoga mats on board and ample space for stretching or calisthenics during free time. Breakfast, lunch and dinner are served on board with the exception of the day you visit Puerto Ayora, where you will enjoy a meal in the highlands of Santa Cruz. The cuisine blends Ecuadorian and continental fare and is served on deck or in the saloon. Coffee and tea are available on deck, as well as cold drinks including beer and a selection of wines and cocktails which you may purchase from a well stocked bar. Refreshing snacks, especially at teatime, round out your daily menu.


Travelers’ checks or US dollars (no credit cards) may be used for on board purchases; a running bar tab is recorded for each passenger and paid at the end of the cruise.


A friendly and highly professional crew of six will attend you while on board: captain, helmsman, steward, cook, engineer and your certified bilingual naturalist guide. The guide will accompany you to all visiting sites within the National Park, providing a wealth of information about the geological and human history of the Islands, in addition to his or her thorough knowledge about every aspect of their intriguing flora and fauna.


Below deck are six well-fitted air-conditioned cabins, each with a double lower bunk and a single upper, and a private bathroom with hot water shower and flush lavatory. A smaller seventh cabin, also air-conditioned and with en suite facilities, can accommodate one or two more passengers in its single bunks. The electric current on The Beagle is 110V in the cabins and 220V with UK plug adapter on the bridge.


Thanks to the exceptional features already described of this spacious and romantic motor sailboat, The Beagle is the perfect choice for family holidays, special interest groups, or for celebrating important events such as honeymoons and anniversaries. Being owner operated means hands-on attention to the needs and comfort of guests, as well as the meticulous maintenance of every aspect of the vessel herself.



In order to make their guests’ experience unforgettable and uniquely suited to individual preferences, The Beagle’s owners have undertaken whenever possible to earn special privileges and permits. For example, The Beagle is the only vessel with permission to snorkel in Fernandina, Punta Espinoza. Masks, fins and snorkels are available on board although we suggest guests bring their own equipment if possible for best fit and of course hygiene.


There are always four double kayaks aboard, and in recognition of its exceptional practices within the National Park, The Beagle was granted permission to carry up to eight double kayaks and to schedule special kayak tours with prior arrangement.


When you plan your cruise aboard The Beagle, you may request whatever extra details or food restrictions your individual circumstances require.

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