The luggage allowance on airlines flying to Galapagos is 20 kilos, and for storage on board in your cabin, we recommend one soft-shell piece.


Dress is always casual on board. We suggest you include in your packing lightweight trousers, cotton shorts, shirts, tee shirts and a windbreaker or a light sweater. You should also bring good walking shoes (sport shoes are fine) and waterproof sandals or similar protection for your feet in wet landings. We recommend a small daypack and water bottle, a waterproof bag for your camera with lots of film or memory sticks, bathing suits/ trunks are essential, as are wide brimmed hats, sunscreen and sunglasses, your personal toiletries including insect repellent, and your routine personal medications. The Beagle of course carries a well-equipped first-aid kit for unforeseen requirements and provides towels and fresh drinking water for island and snorkeling excursions.


We recommend all travellers to acquire travel insurance. This insurance can provide cover in case of unfortunate events, such as, flight cancellations, injuries, health issues and lost luggage. Furthermore, many insurers offer benefits such as free telephone assistance worldwide available 24/7.

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