The Beagle is owned and operated by Augusto Cruz and his sons since her purchase in 2002. This is their third charter yacht in the Galapagos. Beginning in 1981, they operated the Pirata and later The Beagle III, affording them decades of an exceptional level of experience.


Augusto was born on the island of Floreana in the south of the Galapagos archipelago and has worked on boats in the islands since 1977. He therefore has an entire lifetime of knowledge and a profound appreciation for this unique and fascinating archipelago, and guests on The Beagle are immediately aware of the benefits this affords. His sons both received higher education abroad but have otherwise spent their entire lives in the islands as well. Sebastian Cruz, his eldest son, recently completed a PhD (Konstanz University, Germany) in Ecology, specializing on the movements of Galapagos seabirds. He now regularly helps Augusto on the management of the The Beagle.



Due to our deep commitment to the preservation of these Enchanted Isles and to their increasing population, we abide by all National Park regulations and recommendations for tour operators. The Beagle has been awarded the Smart Voyager certificate, which is granted to tourist operations that adhere fully to sound conservation practices. We strive to use locally produced goods and services; beef, chicken and fish served aboard are all 100% local. We contribute annually to Cascajo, a local school on Santa Cruz Island and to various other community projects.

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