Who We Are

The M/S Beagle is owned and operated by an Ecuadorian Flag Company,  we have been managing cruises at the islands for more than 30 years, being pioneers on Galapagos Yacht Operations.

Years of experience had given us the knowledge to cater the experience to each client and our onboard team is continuously trained in delivering high-quality services for our explorers.

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The magnificent 105-foot twin screw steel-hulled brigantine with teak decks and beautifully designed interiors, The Beagle is in a class by itself among sailing yachts in the Galapagos. She was built by Cubow Ltd. in Woolwich, England, in the 1970s and registered with Lloyd’s (number Y 195095), but her designer is unknown. She’s been a charter vessel in the Islands for over a decade and has been substantially refurbished under her current ownership.

The M/S Beagle was fully renovated in September 2019 to offer our clients a new and unique experience while sailing across the beautiful Galapagos Islands.

With the client’s comfort as a priority, cabins maintenance included a new style wallpaper and ceiling, renovated carpets, new fans as well as a modern re-designed bathroom that included a new floor, toilets valve covers and sandblasting (non-slip) in the shower area.

Also, on each cabin and bathrooms, we gave general maintenance of walls, cornices, and sweepers

The social areas have also received a new decoration showcasing new white walls and carpets, and a beautiful and modern tapestry for our dining room chairs.  General maintenance was also applied to all common areas including polishing of all bronze elements on board and wood floor in the outdoor dining room, tables, furniture and seats, roofs, cornices, and sweepers.

Our guest’s safety is the number one priority for us; therefore, we replaced the kitchen walls and floors to new stainless-steel elements. Utilitarian shelves, work table, and inns are now also covered with stainless steel.

Outside areas and the yacht structure also went through a general layover, including replacement of iron parts of the yacht, deep deck cleaning, polishing and lacquering of the deck exteriors.

Conservation and Community Responsibility

The M/S Beagle operator does work with the Carbon Fund.  They work on strategies to offset carbon emissions, although these are not necessarily tied to the Beagle but rather on their entire Galapagos operation.

We work with the non-profits that help protect and conserve the Galapagos.  These include The Charles Darwin Foundation, Galapagos Conservancy, the Galapagos National Park, and the World Wildlife Fund.

Although we do not have a specific certification, we do abide by all of the SOLAS and international regulations. As a company, we are leaders in conservation, and it is because of this that we do not seek to get a specific certification.  On our end, we know where our funds end up in and this is towards particular projects that are executed by the non-profits mentioned above.

All our adventures opt for a lighter footprint.  This is also supported by the regulations of the National Park and how our guides are trained (leaving no trash, not going off-trail, etc.).  Our guides are trained very well and all of them know the importance of keeping the Galapagos as pristine as possible.

Onboard the M/S Beagle, glass is recycled and used to make building blocks and other building materials. Plastic waste, burnt oils, and other non-bio-degradable waste from our operation is shipped out of the Galapagos and back to the continent to be disposed of properly. Our cruises have been carefully planned so that they utilize the least amount of plastic and non-biodegradable waste possible.